Article marketing dead or alive? Just evolved!

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It's getting harder and harder to see how effective articles really are in your marketing arsenal. There is no doubt they aren't as effective as they used to be but I still believe, and have seen with my own marketing efforts, that they can still extremely powerful. Although you would be forgiven if you now think they are a waste of time, as it seems with every big launch in the IM world (read clickbank) we get told this is an old and outdated method.

The truth is Web2.0 has taken a lot of the focus away from articles but they are still a great way to get links out there and go viral with your message, especially as more and more products are created that pull content from article directories to populate a website/blog.

The biggest tricks to still using articles effectively are to go for quality more than quantity, and change the output. What do I mean by that? Well there is no doubt it is great to get your article out to over 100 directories but who cares if these directories aren't respected or used. You need to try and find a short list of the best directories and submit to all of them first. This is especially important for everyone who uses an auto-submitter… Are your articles going to the best places?
My own personal shortlist contains just 20 directories which time and time again have given me better results than blasting randomly to over 300 sites.

The other aspect of articles is how to convert them into other media, or change the output. It is clear to see how quickly the power of video has taken over, with many web surfers using sites like YouTube and Dailymotion (to name just 2) to conduct their searches. Normally this would sound the death knoll for your articles but in reality with a little tweaking you can easily create a "how to" video from your article and post it to the many video sharing sites (I will do a post detailing how I do this soon).

We can also create web 2.0 properties such as a Squidoo Lens using the article as the content and each time you write a related article you can add it to the same account, or even just link the new article to the account (some directories have even built in systems to help you do this - e.g. EzineArticles lets you Tweet your articles to all your followers). This is a method overlooked massively by so many people but the truth is you already have your content all you need to do is add some "attractiveness" to your page using images or video (don't you just love the way this all ties together!!) or even outsource that aspect and just provide the article as the written content then let someone else worry about the aesthetics for you.

So articles are definitely alive… they haven't died, just evolved slightly and all you need to know is where to look to get the best from them and don't forget some may now be disguised as videos, lens's or other forms of content!!!

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Article marketing dead or alive? Just evolved!

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This article was published on 2010/10/25